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Norman Keith White Law

Norman Keith White is a highly experienced business attorney who has served clients from all over the world. During his professional career as an attorney, he has earned a lot of popularity and respect. This is why the majority of people who’ve already worked with him feel no hesitation in recommending him to anyone struggling with matters related to criminal law or intellectual property. He is fully capable of representing yourself before the court, whether your case is related to entertainment, business law, civil law or criminal law.

A little Introduction to Norman Keith White

Born to an incredibility under-served and underprivileged community, Norman Keith White was raised in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, NY. He is the biggest advocate of human equality. This is why we see him raising voice for human rights. Though practicing law is his main expertise, he has worked in several other fields as well. He kicked off his professional career as a teacher at Boys and Girls HS when he was learning law in law school. Subsequently, he joined the ’Kings County District Attorney Office’’ as a prosecuting attorney. After he left the DA office, he started operating as a private law attorney.

Norman Keith White Law

Norman Keith White’s Struggles for Underprivileged Segment of the Society

Norman Keith White is also very active in supporting a nonprofit organization BKLYN COMBINE, which aims to work with schools located in poor communities throughout the world to offer life skills, restorative justice programming, coding, and mentoring. Lately, Keith White has started a new journey to improve his knowledge and ability to downtrodden people and underserved communities of the society.

Norman Keith White has also worked with several established organizations and companies such as HPD, HUD, and NYCHA to arrange affordable housing for thousands of under-served and under-privileged members of the Brooklyn and NY community. He has also been a board member of a nonprofit organization ‘’Girls Education Mentoring Services.’’  It provides nonstop, comprehensive services to cater to the needs of sexually exploited girls and women all over the United States. Apart from working and raising voice for Girls Education Mentoring Services (GEMS), Norman Keith White has also offered his services for Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI), which is a nonprofit company founded by Dr. Rob Gore who is largely recognized for raising voice for violence reduction and providing services to a down-trodden segment of the society in New York.

What’s Keith White Doing Recently?

In addition to practicing law privately, Keith White is specializing in Ph.D. in Organizational Change and Leadership. He is super committed to researching, exploring, and studying new ways to take the living standards of the underserved people to the next level. He works continuously to put an end to poverty in the society. He strongly believes that drug addiction should not be considered as a crime and people with mental issues or challenges should not be punished for their wrongdoings.

With hope, relentless beliefs, and hard work, Keith White firmly believes that he can encourage love, sustainability, and fairness in society. While working as a business law attorney for many years, he has always given importance to his dedication to offering a customer-oriented approach. Keith always believes in delivering client satisfaction, and all-inclusive legal services, whether he’s litigating a criminal matter, forming a business or negotiating a contract.

Norman Keith White Media Appearance

As a professional business and criminal law attorney, Keith White has made several appearances on reputed TV channels and news outlets with the following headlines: ’’Keith White, Honored By The Barclay’s Center For Black History Month’’, ‘’Keith White With Co-Counsel, Kenneth J. Montgomery’’, ‘’ Keith White, Defending The Privacy Rights Of His Client Suing Sanford Rubenstein’’, ’Brooklyn Man Wrongly Arrested For Beating Pregnant Woman, Killing Her Unborn Child Files Suit Claiming Sloppy Police Work’’, ‘’Keith White, Honored By The Barclay’s Center For Black History Month,’’ and more.

Why Not Consult with Norman Keith White for all your legal matters?

If you need assistance regarding legal matters, contacting and consulting with Norman Keith White may be of great help to you, whether you want to defend yourself before the court in a professional way or want to improve your knowledge about Intellectual Property rights. He has been practicing law for many years, and therefore understands all the ins and outs of legal matters related to Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Business Law, Civil Law and Criminal Law. Anyone can contact him using his Instagram or Twitter profile or by visiting his official site.

Anyone can contact him using the aforementioned links. He will guide you in the best possible way so you can defend yourself before the judge with utmost professionalism. From fighting for civil rights to protecting your copyrights, Norman Keith White is fully capable of handling all types of legal cases. What sets him apart from the rest is that he will always represent you before the court with the same level of attention, professionalism and passion. For more information, you should contact him using the contact information available on his official website. He’s always ready to help and listen to anyone looking for a legal advice.

Norman Keith White is a very professional and committed counselor who will always listen to your problems and queries thoroughly and carefully to offer the best piece of legal advice. The majority of his old customers are saying incredibly good things about his legal knowledge and services. If your or anyone in your social circle is in the need of a legal advisor or attorney, touching base with Norman Keith White may be helpful. Norman Keith White has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world, and the majority of them seem to be very satisfied with his services. No matter how weak your legal case is, he will always provide you with the best advice.

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