The Best Ways To Thank Your Customers for Their Feedback


When customers send you feedback, that means they took the time to reach out to you. While this feedback may not be positive, it’s important to acknowledge customers’ efforts with thank-you cards. If you’re ever unsure how to respond, here’s your guide to the best ways to thank customers for their messages.

Appreciation of Services

When a customer reaches out to say how much he or she enjoys your services, writing back is easy. Choose a card from Cards for a Cause with a cheerful or funny message, especially if you’ve met the customer.

Then, write a quick note saying you appreciate the customer’s message. Share something personal about the service or product that he or she highlighted. For example, if you run a cafe and a customer sends you a letter complimenting you on your desserts, write about how you make your food or which treats are your favorites. Finish up by noting that you hope to see the customer again soon.

Request for a New Product or Service

Sometimes, customers like your products, but they wish you did things a little differently. In these cases, use notes from Cards for a Cause that are more formal. If you’ve established rapport with the customer who’s writing, it’s all right to choose a funny one. For customers who don’t know you, though, a cheeky card may come off as sarcastic.

Next, address the reasons why your customer wants a new product or service, and if you’ve had the same ideas, acknowledge that. Explain what steps you’re taking to expand your product line, or offer reasons why the new project is not feasible:

  • Budget issues
  • Staffing concerns
  • Space restrictions
  • Brand image worries

End by writing that you may be able to offer the product once these concerns resolve.

If you don’t think that the customer’s request is reasonable, be polite. Use your brand values and mission statement to explain why the expansion is not an option. Don’t forget to close by thanking him or her for writing.

Complaint About a Recent Visit

Complaints about recent visits or orders are the most difficult to respond to, but even this feedback warrants a thank-you card. If reading through the feedback makes you angry, take a few hours or even days to calm down before responding.

Choose a plain card from Cards for a Cause that simply says “Thank You” on the front. Being direct and honest is the best way to handle negative feedback without further offending your customer.

Then, thank the customer for bringing his or her concerns to your attention, and list out each one so it’s clear that you read the complaint. Explain why the mistake or miscommunication happened. For example, if your customer’s order was delayed because one of your employees had a family emergency, describe the situation. Thank the customer for understanding, and conclude by asking him or her to give your business a second chance.

Responding to customer feedback is a head-scratcher for many business owners. The next time you need to thank a customer, choose the perfect card and use this guide to craft your response.