A Complete Guide for People Moving to Dubai from the US

A Complete Guide for People Moving to Dubai from the US

Moving to a new place can be an emotional and physically excruciating period, particularly when moving into a new place involves a family. The culture and way of life of Dubai are much different from the west, which makes it hard for certain expats from these regions to live in the Emirates. As a US tourist or a US citizen who travels to Dubai for jobs, life experiences mostly vary totally from those of other countries, especially the US. Looking for a similar lifestyle that you enjoy in the US, go through the Port De La  Mer apartments for sale because the area is a one-way stop for all the luxuries that a person looks forward to while moving to a new place.

A Complete Guide for People Moving to Dubai from the US

Here are a few tips for helping you plan for your transfer from the United States to Dubai.

Basic Things

US nationals, who want to visit the UAE for a period of 30 days or less, do not need a visa before arriving in the country – they can seek a visa at the airport when they arrive. Visa must be requested prior to moving to the country for those who wish to live or work in the UAE. For residence and work permit permits, a complete medical evaluation is required, and this exam includes an HIV/AIDS test. The HIV/AIDS testing performed in the United States is not accepted in Dubai, so it must be done in Dubai after arrival. For those tested positive for either HIV or AIDS, travel bans have been imposed by the UAE. This also led to deportation or detention.

Starting a Bank Account

Opening a Dubai banking account is reasonably easy, as long as you are able to submit the required documents, usually including a copy of the passport, the legal sponsor’s or the employer’s no-objection certificate, and appropriate ID proofs. Certain banks can also demand the signed contract as proof of address and other photographs. Most expats who send money home on a frequent basis often set up a foreign currency account, where the local currency is exchanged in widely used global currencies such as US dollars or British Pounds. Expats who work in Dubai are required to have a salary account.

Television and Cable

The Dubai government acknowledges TV as a significant source of entertainment and news for the expats who live there, so the people of Dubai get a choice of a number of cable providers offering international and local Satellite channels. Of this E-vision (an Etisalat subsidiary) and OSN is the most successful English-language shows broadcaster.

Water and Electricity

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) provides water to residents of Dubai and charges a monthly fee for sanitation, electricity, sewage, and housing (5 per cent of the yearly rent divided into 12 monthly instalments). These payments appear on the utility bill that is delivered to the residents on a monthly basis and can also be viewed and billed digitally. Setting up a DEWA connection requires a completely refundable deposit that varies with the form of use and housing – however, it is important to keep the receipt of the deposit in a secure place to claim the deposit upon cancellation or change of the connection. Monthly utility costs can differ greatly depending on whether the house has a garden or a swimming pool. Bills are way greater during the summer months when air conditioning is required as the temperature will climb above the 50-degree level.

Taxes in Dubai for the US Citizens

U.S. residents or holders of green cards, who live and work in Dubai are still required to pay tax returns to the United States. Refusal to pay taxes may result in quite strict fines, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been really stringent when it comes to auditing Americans living overseas. It is highly advantageous to use the services of a skilled tax specialist as tax conditions can make international earnings or marriages to non-US nationals more difficult. The Angloinfo website is a fantastic guide for American expatriates’ tax laws.

Internet Connection

Internet facilities in the UAE are well advanced, and many users use the Internet for both interaction and online purchases. Etisalat and Du are global service providers that provide a range of multiple mobiles, internet, and landline services that can turn out to be considerably more cost-effective.

Dubai is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western cultures, and Americans who wish to come here to live can do so with an open mind and a sense of curiosity in a world that is vastly different from their own. If you are moving with a big family and want a spacious space for yourself, check out the District One Villas for sale in Dubai.