Replacing a Garage Door Made Me Rethink My Whole Garage Space

Our old garage door was on its last legs after several years of use and abuse from Wisconsin winters. With peeling paint, rust spots, and difficulty opening, I knew it was time for an upgrade. But replacing just the door itself ended up prompting a much bigger renovation of our entire two-car garage space.

Let There Be Light

One thing I realized when removing the old, solid steel door was just how dark and dreary the garage felt. Since I was already investing in a new door, I decided to opt for a style with windows across the top third. Instantly, natural light could filter in and brighten things up. It was transformative.

Go Big or Go Home

Seeing how much impact some added brightness had, I started brainstorming other garage upgrades. I settled on installing new energy efficient LED lights along the ceiling for optimum coverage. Combined with the daylight from the windows, the garage was no longer cave-like. Major improvement!

Organization Station

With improved lighting schemes in place, I was able to better assess how to best utilize the space. We had stuff stored haphazardly on shelves and stacked along the walls. I created defined zones for gardening, sports gear, tools, and car supplies. Cabinetry and shelving provided easy access organization.

A Finished Surface

Upon inspection, the concrete floor showed its age with cracks and stains. I poured a polished, seamless epoxy coating that protected the floor while giving it a sleek, finished look. Now spills clean up in a snap and it’s easier to keep everything tidy.

All in With Garage Door Replacement Yorktown

When selecting a company to replace the garage door, I went with a highly rated local expert I found called Garage Door Replacement Yorktown. Not only did they efficiently install the new door, but they also provided input on my additional upgrade plans. In the end, working with their certified technicians ensured the whole project came together properly – from electrical to structure. It gave me peace of mind to focus on the design aspects.

The Transformation

What started as a straightforward door replacement evolved into a full-fledged garage makeover. Now it serves as a multi-functional workshop, gym and leisure space besides vehicle storage. The upgrades hugely increased both functionality and aesthetics of this often overlooked part of the home. If your garage needs sprucing up too, consider tackling more than just the door for maximum return on investment. Hiring the pros makes such an involved project much more manageable too.