Upgrading Our Old Single Panel Door to A Modern Sectional Garage Door

Our garage door was the original single panel style that came with the house when we moved in 15 years ago. While it had served us well all these years, it was starting to show its age. The panels were rusting and dented in several places making it look shabby. More importantly, it was getting harder to open and close manually due to wear and tear. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

Choosing the New Door Style

While single panel garage doors offer simplicity, modern sectional doors have many advantages. Sectional doors are made of several horizontal panels that roll up together taking up less space inside the garage. This means more usable floor space and headroom clearance for our vehicles. The individual panels also provide better insulation compared to a single solid panel. We opted for a steel insulated door with a wood grain finish to blend in aesthetically with the exterior of our home.

Installation Process

We started by removing the old door track and roller system entirely. Then the door frames were squared, reinforced and levelled to receive the new tracks. The door panels arrived on-site pre-assembled for easy installation. The Garage Door Replacement Portsmouth technicians had the new door installed and operational within a day. They even disposed of the old door responsibly.

Smooth Operation and Remote Convenience

The heavy-duty opener and rail system makes the door glide up and down effortlessly with the push of a button. We were happily surprised by how smoothly and quietly it operates compared to the previous door. The two hand-held remotes allow us to open and close from inside our vehicles just before pulling in or backing out of the garage. The wireless keypad is a nice touch for visiting tradesmen or family members to access the garage without a remote.

Improved Insulation and Security

The sectional design with insulation seals out outside noise and keeps the garage space warmer in winter or cooler during hot summer months. Each panel is also reinforced with steel for maximum strength and impact resistance. The decorative windows enhance natural lighting in the garage without compromising security.

Minor Adjustments in First Few Weeks

There was only a minor issue of squeaking that developed after a week of usage. A call to the installer and they were happy to come troubleshoot the door. A lubrication of the rollers and hinges fixed the noise right away. If it seems like a tough job for you to troubleshoot yourself, it’s always best to hire a certified garage door repair expert like ‘Garage Door Replacement Portsmouth’ to stay on the safe side.

Satisfied with the Upgrade

Overall we are very pleased with the upgrade from our old single panel door to the new sectional door. Not only is it an attractive improvement to our home’s curb appeal but also adds functionality, convenience and energy savings that we will enjoy for many years. The door transformation was well worth the investment.