Is Your Storefront Underselling Your Products? Here’s What You Need to Do


Your store’s front is usually the first thing customers notice about your business. Dull, cluttered displays won’t inspire them to come in or make purchases. It’s time to transform your front-of-store presentation into a true sales tool. With some creative display board ideas and techniques, you can better showcase your products and services.


Master the Art of the Sample Board

Sample boards are a staple of many retail storefronts, providing a dynamic way to feature new items or seasonal offerings. You can consult with Exalt Samples to get the best advice. Your boards should uniquely represent and align with your brand identity.

Some effective sample board techniques include:

  • Lifestyle boards that place products in realistic settings
  • Problem-solution boards highlighting how items solve customer pain points
  • Category boards grouping related products together visually
  • Material sample boards for items like fabrics, colors or textures

Proper Lighting Sells Any Display

Pay attention to lighting design as much as the boards themselves. Strategic lighting can make even mundane products appear irresistible. Experiment with:

  • Spotlights or track lighting to draw eyes to featured areas
  • Sheer or backlit panels to illuminate boards subtly from behind
  • Task lighting for areas requiring customers to examine details closely

Rotate Refreshingly

Keep storefront displays dynamic by regularly updating featured products, specials and creative themes. On a monthly or seasonal basis, refresh:

  • Sample board designs and product selections
  • Promotional signage and special offers
  • Color schemes, fonts and graphic styles

This keeps customers returning to see what’s new on offer. With some creativity, your storefront boards can become a top sales driver and brand ambassador.