Tips to Avoid Crypto Scams and Invest Safely

Tips to Avoid Crypto Scams and Invest Safely

After the appearance in 2009 of the Bitcoin (BTC), currently the most traded and valued asset in the world, the cryptocurrencies have become popular in recent years. In fact, the BTC itself broke records in 2021, reaching $63,000 in April this year.

With the recent expansion, the blows and fraud involving crypto, precisely because the virtual environment is not regulated by any authority. Thus, investors are susceptible to falling into cybercrime due to greed and lack of knowledge about the medium. So, keep in touch with the latest Cryptocurrency news is very essential. So keep reading the news at The Next Bitcoin.

Tips to Avoid Crypto Scams and Invest Safely

Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin (BTC)?

The problem is not really the cryptocurrencies, or the supposed lack of security of these investments. It is the scammers who take advantage of users’ ignorance about digital assets. The scams are even comparable to old scams like the winning ticket and electronic scams.

Exchange History

Exchanges (brokerages) are specialized platforms that act as intermediaries in the operations of digital assets. To invest in cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to be linked to an exchange. But by opting for this Peer-to-peer scheme, when trading directly with another user without an intermediary, it’s even easier to come across scams.

When choosing an exchange, it is always necessary to check the history of the institution’s owners, watch interviews and read articles about the person responsible for the platform. In addition, it is important to seek security certifications that prove the broker’s legitimacy.

Is Bitcoin Fixed Income?

An argument often used by scammers to attract unsuspecting investors is the offer of fixed income per month in crypto applications. But like stocks, Bitcoin (BTC) and its like are actually equity investments. Because they are volatile, they end up appreciating or devaluing, making it impossible to offer a constant income to the investor.

Surreal profitability

Another offer made to convince the user, and one that suggests distrust, is an absurd and unusual profitability in digital assets trading.

Keep your antivirus up to date

Scams involving cryptocurrencies mostly happen on the internet, where it is common to have device invasions and information theft. In other words, investors must always keep antivirus and antimalware updated on the devices where they carry out operations and which store their financial data.

Pyramid scheme

A financial pyramid are not a new scheme, but were included in the virtual medium to deceive cryptocurrency investors. The coup’s working logic is as follows: the user earns a percentage by inviting more people to invest in the asset.